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Eat Well to Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight

Eat Well to Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight

Does eating well really boost metabolism and lose weight? We think so and science has come around in support of a healthy breakfast. In this article you’ll find three breakfast recipes to add some variety to your meals, while giving your body the much needed vitamins and antioxidants helping it perform well all throughout the day. While eating well, you will binge eat less and boost your metabolism in the process.

The truth is, we’ve all known for some time that breakfast is the most important part of the day. Now research has shown that, regardless of daily physical activity, eating high fiber meal (cereal, etc) at least 3 mornings during the week helps lower body mass index.

Eat Well to Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight

A study conducted by the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute followed 2,300 teenage girls over ten years. Results show that one reason people tend to skip breakfast is because they are trying to reduce overall calorie intake.

Yes, it is important to limit excess calories, having breakfast, even if its a simple smoothie, or a couple of pieces of fruit, will reduce the urge to snack on chocolate or other unhealthy options. A simple morning meal even helps in improving your performance at work and reducing fatigue all through out the day.

When it comes to eating well, it is not just the overall calorie daily intake, but the types of foods we chose to eat as well.

Simple options like grabbing a couple of carrots instead of buttered toast make a huge difference. You’ll be getting more fiber, as well as phytochemicals such as carotene and other vitamins that actually benefit your body and get you through the day.

Eat Well to Boost Metabolism And Lose Weight

If you find yourself challenged with buying fruit and vegetables, make a plan to visit the local farmers market, or your local grocery store on the way to your local coffee shop before work. Fruits and vegetables beat a muffin nutritionally. These days, you can make healthy choices with fruit and veggies at your local convenience store.

Lastly, when it comes to going overboard with calorie restriction, don’t over do it. There is a recent research study that found that even though mice will live up to 50% longer by eating less, humans don’t. The most following a life long low calorie diet is going to do is extend your life span by 7%.

Physiologically, the simple act of having breakfast will boost your metabolism and its definitely a cheaper and healthier way to do so rather than than investing in a bottle of diet pills or something more severe.

Note to parents and expectant moms: Early research has suggested that moms who eat in excess have children who are more prone to being overweight by the time they are toddlers. The habits of the parents actually sets up food difficulties starting from a young age.

Another important warning: Pay attention and beware of teenagers or children who develop poor eating habits (learned from parents), combined with sedentary activities like playing playstation or xbox games, or watching too much television instead of being active non- athletic activities like having a job or even joining school clubs as extracurricular activities. Kids living this type of lifestyle, will have a greater tendency to becoming overweight or obese adults in their later years.

Good news, variety is one key to integrating changes in your diet, whether your goal is to lose weight, or simply be more healthy. We know it is easy to get stuck into a food rut, longing for something more tasty to eat that doesn’t wreck your long term goals.

It really does come down to planning ahead, and by doing a little research, mitigate those moments that come up when you have the urge to grab something unhealthy because you are hungry

To help you with planning, we’ve added the following three breakfast recipes that will add a little variety to that most important meal of the day. These recipes also supply essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber.


Delicious Tropical Muesli
Serves 2 to 4. Preparation time – 10 minutes.


  • Muesli – 100gm
  • Wheat flakes- 50gm
  • Apple – peeled and grated – 1no
  • Low Fat or Skim Fruit Yogurt- 500gm
  • Mango – peeled and cut into strips – 1no
  • Passion fruit – pulp of 2
  • Flaked almonds, toasted – 11/2 tsp

How to prepare:
Mix together muesli, wheat, apple and half the yogurt in a bowl and refrigerate covered overnight. Divide it into four serving bowls. Top evenly with remaining yogurt, mango, passion fruit pulp and flaked almonds and serve.

Choose plain low-fat yogurt for the fewest calories. Fruit and flavored products have extra calories. Nonfat yogurt sweetened with artificial sweetener is an option for dieters. Plain yogurt is the best choice for cooking.

Terrific Mango
Serves 2. Preparation time – 10 minutes.


  • Mango- peeled and chopped -125 gram
  • Chopped pineapple – 1 no
  • Papaya- peeled and chopped- 125 gram
  • Kiwi fruits – chopped- 2 no
  • Tropical fruit juice – 150 ml
  • Honey- 2 tablespoon


Mix all the fruit pieces together and pour the fruit juice and honey on top. This is an excellent dish to start your day.

Summer Special Salad
Serves 4. Preparation time – 20 minutes.


  • Water melon – 1 no (medium size)
  • Tomato – ½ kg
  • Celery – 20 gram
  • Orange -4 no
  • Grapes -100 gram
  • Pineapple (chopped) – 1 cup
  • Raisins – 12 no
  • Salt and pepper – to taste

Salad Dressing

  • Salad oil – 6 tsp
  • Mustard -2tsp
  • Chopped onion – 2 no
  • Pepper – 2tsp
  • Sugar -1 tsp

Blend all the ingredients for the salad dressing in a mixer.

Chop all the fruits and vegetables. Take the pulp out of the watermelon and put all the chopped fruits and tomatoes into the outer covering of the watermelon. Pour the salad dressing on top. Garnish with raisins.
Serve chilled.

In case you didn’t know, eating fruit and vegetables raw actually gets you many of their natural vitamins not affected by the cooking processes. Eating fruit and veggies raw also means you get enzymes which actually greatly help the digestive process.

Regina L Floyd

After developing a wheat and dairy allergy over the last few years, I decided to find better ways to eat to feel better. Although I DO eat meat, I often seek out GF Vegan diet to avoid dairy and eggs (my new allergy lately). I hope you enjoy the variety of articles shared here.

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