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Having Difficulty Finding Peace? These 10 Easy Steps Will Help You Meditate Properly

Many people have difficulties doing meditation. The perception is that a person can meditate, but that they don’t know how to. In this article, we’ll look at a few easy steps to getting started with meditation.

First, the most difficult step is finding the right location. It’s not necessary to attend a session of meditation every day; meditation does require some concentration and a quiet place to work. Meditation should be fun and not feel like a job.

Having Difficulty Finding Peace?

To start, focus on your mind. Let your mind wander, and take it with you wherever you go. An in-body experience during meditation is another good reason to focus on your mind.

Be honest when meditating with yourself. Be sure to listen to your thoughts, and that you have the freedom to stop whenever you need to. When you listen to your own thoughts, you learn how to block them out. That can be a real-life skill for managing feelings.

Create a simple sentence or thought to help you meditate. For example, “I am grateful for the beautiful summer day.” Or, “I realize that I am very glad to have learned this particular subject.” Using these simple sentences can help you when you’re in a relaxed state of mind.

When it’s time to do meditation, sit upright in your comfortable meditation chair. Close your eyes and set your mind on one thought or feeling. Put your hand over your heart, and let the hand rest there. Breathe slowly through your nose, and notice the feeling that radiates from your heart. Feel your body relax as you allow your breathing to happen naturally.

If your heart feels heavy, sing a gentle song that has a quiet voice. When you feel the tension dissipate, allow your breathing to become even more natural. After a few minutes, sing along with the song, and then notice what the song means to you. Singing can also help to relieve anxiety.

When you feel your emotions flowing, close your eyes, and remember that there is an emotional space between your two body parts. Look at the space between your hands. You may find that your heart feels lighter, and you may think that you will soon die. Feel free to allow this, because it is not necessary.

Feel what you are seeing in your meditation space. Notice how you feel in different parts of your body. Feel your heart and the color of your eyes. Allow your body to open up and let the inner light shine through.

Having Difficulty Finding Peace?

When you begin to meditate, you may feel drowsy or have trouble focusing on a specific object. It may help to close your eyes for a moment. For example, when you want to meditate on the image of the heart, you can close your eyes and imagine the empty space of the heart.

Take a few moments to relax. When you feel tired, remember that meditation is a process. And keep moving forward with each session.

Having Difficulty Finding Peace?

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